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Monday, February 17, 2014

Hello after a gap ! Timely & Youtube apps are here !

So, I am now settling down with my new job as an Engineer for Novanet. So in the meanwhile, I have release two more of my Android experiments to github  but never had an opportunity to blog about them. So this blog post is just to inform that I will soon be back to blogging about my experiments with Android. In the meantime please find descriptions about the 2 projects I have posted on github recently :

1. Timely Text View

     So we all loved the animations in the Timely app, and I was really curious to know how they achieved it. I suck at UI badly, so I had almost very little hope of actually figuring out the logic behind it, that's when I stumbled upon an excellent blog post by Sriram Ramani. So with him explaining the logic behind the animation I just figured out the missing bits and pieces and made a simple ready to use library. Yes you can now have to those animations in your app.! The github link below should take you directly to the project.

Timely TextView : https://github.com/adnan-SM/TimelyTextView

2. Youtube app

    I had already written a few blog posts about Chat heads previously(Its here, in case you need them), so I always wanted to improve it, take it a step further and make it more useful. The result? A floating video player ! Just like the latest Youtube app. Hit the link below now to see the source code !

Chat-head Video : https://github.com/adnan-SM/ChatHead-Video-Youtube-Style-

Well, before I finish just so guys know I am working on VOIP related app for the new firm, so expect a few tutorials and knowledge sharing in the VOIP domain as well. That's all for now, stay tuned for further blog posts, I have plans for moving to a privately hosted domain and a WP site as well. Will update soon ! Don't forget to follow me on G+, so that you don't miss any tutorials !

Thanks again for all the support and the love. And yes thanks for 16k visits to the blog as well !  

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