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Monday, April 8, 2013

More Tutorials

So finally i have some time off, so i plan to start a few tutorials on Android ! Currently there is  nothing in particular in my  mind,so if anyone has any requests/suggestions plz let me know & i will try to make a tutorial on the same !

I will eventually be doing a lot of tutorials right from scratch with very clear explanation so that everyone can understand it. I plan to break up my tutorials into small modules. Each module will perform a particular task. So by the end you can have code for almost all functionality within Android.

I find that there is no one place on internet where there are a lot of tutorials right from simplest things so i plan to do that and create a place where a person can find everything on one site itself.

Let me know your views or comments on the same

Also dont forget to see my previous work here :



  1. Hello sir

    i have to implement Location Tracking App in which i have to give notification to user if the location does not change for 30 min and all the data should be saved in database while tracking.

  2. pla help me

    if u have any sample code then plz provide me


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